Crystal Ball Stand

Crystal Ball Stand - OverviewFor my first “Tiny Build” I present a Crystal Ball Stand!

This Crystal Ball Stand is a big seller among wizards.  It’s the ideal household appliance for looking through time, space, and everything in between.

I built this little stand for LEGO crystal balls because I was never happy just setting the crystal ball on a table and leaving it at that.  A crystal ball is too important a tool for wizards and the like to not merit it’s own place of prominence.

I mention on my schedule page that every Friday I plan on showcasing something related to what I’ll post the following Monday, and this is no exception.  What will it be?!


Crystal Ball Stand - PartsAll 10 of the parts needed.  It should be noted that the parts in the picture shown are accurate, but because LEGO Digital Designer doesn’t seem to have Part 18674 I used another 2×2 dish at the bottom of the stand in the LDD model.  Either works, but I prefer the one in the picture, part 18674.


Crystal Ball Stand - ToplessAlmost together.  I wanted to show how the crystal fits in there before the crystal ball is put on.  I may swap out the dark red stud with a hole in it for Part 33291, which comes in reddish brown.


Crystal Ball Stand - In UseHere you can see the crystal ball stand just before it’s activated by a wizard.  When activated it sparkles and shines with more colors than can be imagined, even after seeing them!  My camera, along with any camera made in this plane of existence, could not get a good picture of this.


Crystal Ball Stand - ColorsAnother one I made in white.  The accompanying wizard in white refused to be photographed after Labor Day, sorry.


While it’s probably not necessary for this one, the LEGO Digital Designer file can be found by clicking the icon below.

LDD-IconLEGO Digital Designer File for “Crystal Ball Stand”


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