Medium Builds

Builds of what I consider a medium size, which is somewhere between a couple hundred pieces and maybe five hundred? Sounds about right.

Fancy Car 01 - OverviewSmall Shuttle Spaceship - 01 - Overview

The Bed of Apples

The Bed of Apples - 01 - OverviewIn keeping with my last post’s theme of LEGO creations for the little knick knack friends on my shelves, today I have a bed of apples I made for one of them.

This cozy little cove of slumber is done in the style of a canopy bed, but with flags hanging down instead of curtains.  Another difference you might notice is instead of any kind of mattress there’s a big pile of apples to sleep on!

But who would I have made this wonderfully apple-themed bed for?  Well, we can assume whoever it is likes apples, and doesn’t mind sleeping on a hoarded pile of them rather than the arguably more comfy beds most people would prefer.

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Scorpion Tracker Redux

Scorpion Tracker Redux - 01 - OverviewOne of my favorite small LEGO sets as a kid was Set 5918 – “Scorpion Tracker”.  With all the adventures mine had in the past, I wanted to upgrade it for more to come in the future.

I remember liking it because it’s where I got my first vehicle grille piece, my first Part 30149 (the part with two seats and a slot for a map, some cool wheels, a crate, and even my first pair of binoculars.  And scorpions, of course.  I incorporated many of the things I liked about it into this remake, adding a few things and improving on others.

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Small Shuttle Spaceship

Small Shuttle Spaceship - 01 - OverviewExploring the vast unknown regions of LEGO space are two brave and intrepid explorers, a man and his faithful dog!  In their zippy little spaceship they cruise around galaxies in style, turning the space-heads of anyone they come across.

At 336 pieces this spacecraft may seem small, but it’s surprisingly full of features.  At one time it had even more room for cargo, but that changed when one day a LEGO space explorer decided to install a second seat so he could bring his dog with him!  His canine companion may not be able to stick her head out the window, but she loves the ride all the same, as it means she’s on her way to explore new planets and smell new space-smells.
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Fancy Car

Fancy Car - OverviewFor my first post I wanted to showcase something I’m especially proud of, and this “Fancy Car” seemed appropriate.  I designed and built this a couple years ago, and every once in a while I see it on my shelf and think that it came together really well.

The seating area is LEGO Part 30149, which has been one of my favorite pieces since I got one in “Scorpion Tracker” (LEGO Set 5918).  Despite the fact that it’s a piece that does a lot of the building work for you, which I generally shy away from, it worked really well here.  I don’t get doors that open using the piece which is contradictory to form following function, a policy I heartily agree with, but in this case it didn’t bother me.  Besides, with a car this awesome you don’t have time to open the doors, you just jump right in!

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