Space Seat

Space Seat - OverviewToday I have a little Space Seat to share.  11 pieces large, it’s the perfect chair in which to comfortably weather the harsh nothingness of space.  It can be used for other sitting applications as well, such as a desk chair.  When using it outside of spacecraft I’d want to give it arm rests.

The reason the seat has no arm rests now is because I built it to be used in spaceships, where I would have controls for my crew to rest their arms on instead.  I didn’t include any controls on this one as they’d be different from seat to seat, depending on what the sitter’s duties are.


Space Seat - OccupiedMy focus for designing the seat was making it look comfortable and form-fitting for my minifigs.  You can see here that a minifig with a helmet (or hair) fits nicely against the back with helmet nestled securely between the two slope pieces, making it ideal for those bumpy blast-offs.


Space Seat - BackThe back of the seat is simply the underside of a couple of hinge plates, but I like the way it looks.  I’m not sure I would’ve done anything about it if I didn’t like it because the chair back is already four plates wide measuring out from the minifig.  To me it looks like there are a lot of adjustable bits for the chair in the back, since the plate bottoms look like they have knobs on them and holes for a screwdriver or something.


Space Seat - ColorsThe chair in black as well as light bluish-gray from the other pictures.  You can make a solid white one too.  I haven’t checked to see how many other colors you can make the entire thing out of, but if you mixed and matched colors there are about a zillion possibilities.


Space Seat - PartsThe pieces for the space seat spread out next to their assembled brethren.


With the above photo the LEGO Digital Designer file probably isn’t necessary, but that’s not going to stop me from posting it.  Click the icon below to download it, and have fun!

LDD IconLEGO Digital Designer File for “Space Seat”


Space Seat Modification - With Help from iforgot120A modification to the space seat based on the suggestion of Reddit user iforgot120 to use Part 4871 for armrests!  Genius.


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