BrickMix Builds

Builds by BrickMix!  Each of these creations was thought up, designed, and built by me.

A build will fall into one of five size categories: Tiny, Small, Medium, Big, and Huge.  While I’ve posted a piece count range on the category pages for the models falling into these groups, it might not always match up.  For the most part it will, but there may be some exceptions.  For example, if there’s a model that’s on the higher end of the piece count range for a “Medium” build and it ended up larger than usual because it used many large pieces, I might decide to classify it as the next category up.  The same goes for a build that may have taken more design time than usual because of complexity.  It works in the other direction too.  A “Big” build with many pieces but a simple design may be classified as the next size down.  Sometimes a build might feel like it should be in a different category for one reason or another, so that’s where I’ll put it.


Television - 01 - OverviewA LEGO Television! I figured my minifigs should have something to look at while sitting on that couch I made.
I’ve seen a few LEGO televisions in my time. Some have been old television sets with the rabbit ears antennas, which are always fun. Others have attempted to look more like modern television sets, but the ones I’ve come across all looked too blocky for my taste so I decided to make one of my own.


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Table Lamp

Table Lamp - 01 - OverviewThis Table Lamp is my smallest build yet in terms of piece count, and it’s likely to stay my smallest forever. Coming in at only 3 pieces, it’s hardly the most complicated MOC you’ll see.

I wanted to build something that would be at home on the End Table I built previously. It’s simple, but I like it!


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Couch - 01 - OverviewTo accompany my End Table from the last post, I present my matching LEGO couch.  I think this is the first time I’ve ever made two pieces of matching LEGO furniture, so it’s kind of a historic LEGO landmark in my brick building career.

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End Table

End Table - 01 - OverviewI don’t remember building much LEGO furniture as a kid.  I can’t say that it’s because I didn’t build many LEGO houses, because I did.  I guess I just left my houses a little too empty in the furniture department.  Granted, they were houses for wizards, pirates, and forestmen, but even a pirate needs a dining room table.

I’ve already posted a bookcase I made a while back.  I was really happy with how it came out, and I guess that helped motivate me to make other furniture.  Maybe I simply realized that if I’m ever going to fill a LEGO house with furniture, it’s going to take more than just bookcases.  Without further ado, let me introduce me next venture into LEGO furniture: A sturdy little end table!

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The Bed of Apples

The Bed of Apples - 01 - OverviewIn keeping with my last post’s theme of LEGO creations for the little knick knack friends on my shelves, today I have a bed of apples I made for one of them.

This cozy little cove of slumber is done in the style of a canopy bed, but with flags hanging down instead of curtains.  Another difference you might notice is instead of any kind of mattress there’s a big pile of apples to sleep on!

But who would I have made this wonderfully apple-themed bed for?  Well, we can assume whoever it is likes apples, and doesn’t mind sleeping on a hoarded pile of them rather than the arguably more comfy beds most people would prefer.

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Harrington - 01 - OverviewToday I have something a little different to show.  It’s not entirely LEGO, and it’s not something other people will be able to really build themselves, but I wanted to post it all the same.

This is Harrington.  Harrington is a giraffe eraser I found abandoned in a parking lot with his legs erased away.  I know that most animal erasers are probably content being erased away to help you fix the mistakes you make, but I got the feeling this guy wanted to stick around.  I figured he at least wanted to get out of that parking lot, so I picked him up and thought I could help the little guy out with some LEGO prosthetics.

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