For now, the following will be my weekly posting schedule.  I hope to eventually have something to post each weekday.


Monday: New Build by BrickMix

Mondays I’ll post a new creation of my own.   Accompanying it will be a description containing some designer insights and the LDD file.

Friday: New Tiny or Small Build by BrickMix

Friday’s I’ll post a new creation of my own, but it’ll be a smaller one.  The fun part about these is that they’ll be related to what I’ll post at the beginning of the next week on Monday.


If there’s enough community interest and response to the site I’d eventually like to start posting builds by others that were inspired by something they saw here.  Whether it’s a modification of something I designed, a design that might be similar to something here, or even something completely different built by someone who wants to share it here, I’d be happy to set aside a day of the week to showcase it.  You’d be welcome to write your own description, including a link to any brick-related site of your own.