bookcase-01-overviewThe first “Small Build” on the website, a classy-looking bookcase!  The bookcase alone is 80 pieces, with another 20 for the books and another 4 for the helmets and swords, totaling 104 pieces including the accessories.  The bookcase was built around eight of the LEGO window Part 60594 when I realized five books fit across one pretty much perfectly.

As you’ll come to find out by browsing the website, I’m an avid user of curved slope pieces.  I like the shape of the curved top corners, thanks to them and the arch pieces.  The arch pieces also look like they’d frame something between two of these bookcases quite nicely, perhaps a suit of armor.




bookcase-03-rear-angleSome views of the sides and back.  As you can see it’s three bricks deep.  Behind the window pieces the books sit in are 1×8 and 1×10 bricks that make up most of the back.

I didn’t want to make it so tall that is was unreasonable for a minifig to reach up for the books.  I suppose it could have a third or even a fourth row of shelves only accessible with a ladder.  It would be easy enough to add them in, but I like it just the way it is.


bookcase-04-wizard-and-crystal-ballI wanted the bookcase to look like something you might see centuries ago, not just a modern standard rectangular bookcase.  It turned into the ideal bookcase for the LEGO wizard I showed previously with the Crystal Ball Stand.  At some point I’m going to have to build a house for him around all his furniture…


bookcase-05-disasterDisaster!  Was it an earthquake?  A magical explosion of some kind?  Could he simply not find the book he was looking for?  Is there no spell he knows that can quickly fix this?  The answers to all these questions, and more, can be found at your local library!  I don’t know where in particular, just go read some books.

As always, the LEGO Digital Designer file for this build can be downloaded by clicking the icon below.  Happy building!

LDD-IconLEGO Digital Designer File for “Bookcase”

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