Television - 01 - OverviewA LEGO Television! I figured my minifigs should have something to look at while sitting on that couch I made.
I’ve seen a few LEGO televisions in my time. Some have been old television sets with the rabbit ears antennas, which are always fun. Others have attempted to look more like modern television sets, but the ones I’ve come across all looked too blocky for my taste so I decided to make one of my own.


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Couch - 01 - OverviewTo accompany my End Table from the last post, I present my matching LEGO couch.  I think this is the first time I’ve ever made two pieces of matching LEGO furniture, so it’s kind of a historic LEGO landmark in my brick building career.

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Torii - 01 - OverviewTo accompany the Stone Lanterns from my last post, today I have a LEGO Torii to share.  A torii is a traditional Japanese gate most often seen outside of shrines.  Like stone lanterns, I find torii to be a pleasant piece of Japanese architecture and fun to recreate with LEGO bricks!  Also like stone lanterns, each part of their construction has a name.  I did my best to represent each named component in my model.

At 93 pieces it’s certainly not my most complicated model.  However, I do think it’s my most accurate representation so far of something in real life that I’ve built a model of.

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Fire Scouter

Fire Scouter - OverviewHere’s a little vehicle I like to call a Fire Scouter!  The idea behind it is that the Fire Chief or another veteran firefighter takes this vehicle to the site of a fire, getting there faster than the trucks.  The Chief can then assess the situation and determine things before the rest of the crew gets there, like where the trucks should position themselves, what kind of tactics they should use, and anything they need to prioritize such as people that might be in danger.

Coming in at 124 pieces, this zippy little buggy was born of my desire to use in conjunction Part 18974, a unique mudguard/wheel well piece, and Part 74321, a wheel axle piece with springs.  Part 74321 comes only in red, and the idea to use them on a firefighting vehicle came to me right away.

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bookcase-01-overviewThe first “Small Build” on the website, a classy-looking bookcase!  The bookcase alone is 80 pieces, with another 20 for the books and another 4 for the helmets and swords, totaling 104 pieces including the accessories.  The bookcase was built around eight of the LEGO window Part 60594 when I realized five books fit across one pretty much perfectly.

As you’ll come to find out by browsing the website, I’m an avid user of curved slope pieces.  I like the shape of the curved top corners, thanks to them and the arch pieces.  The arch pieces also look like they’d frame something between two of these bookcases quite nicely, perhaps a suit of armor.

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