Fancy Car

Fancy Car - OverviewFor my first post I wanted to showcase something I’m especially proud of, and this “Fancy Car” seemed appropriate.  I designed and built this a couple years ago, and every once in a while I see it on my shelf and think that it came together really well.

The seating area is LEGO Part 30149, which has been one of my favorite pieces since I got one in “Scorpion Tracker” (LEGO Set 5918).  Despite the fact that it’s a piece that does a lot of the building work for you, which I generally shy away from, it worked really well here.  I don’t get doors that open using the piece which is contradictory to form following function, a policy I heartily agree with, but in this case it didn’t bother me.  Besides, with a car this awesome you don’t have time to open the doors, you just jump right in!

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