Scorpion Tracker Redux

Scorpion Tracker Redux - 01 - OverviewOne of my favorite small LEGO sets as a kid was Set 5918 – “Scorpion Tracker”.  With all the adventures mine had in the past, I wanted to upgrade it for more to come in the future.

I remember liking it because it’s where I got my first vehicle grille piece, my first Part 30149 (the part with two seats and a slot for a map, some cool wheels, a crate, and even my first pair of binoculars.  And scorpions, of course.  I incorporated many of the things I liked about it into this remake, adding a few things and improving on others.

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Globe Stand

Globe Stand - 01 - OverviewLEGO made a two piece minifigure scale globe a while back, but I hadn’t seen a globe stand for it that I liked.  I decided to make one myself with a paint roller brush piece.

The globe has only appeared a few sets so far.  I think the globe is a neat little detailed part that many LEGO fans would want in a classically decorated study for a minifig, or a teacher’s classroom, or professor’s office.  Since the globe stands (if any) in the sets the piece comes with aren’t to my liking, I’ve been coming back to the globe now and again trying to make a proper stand for it.  Namely one that let’s the globe tilt instead of just spin around.

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Torii - 01 - OverviewTo accompany the Stone Lanterns from my last post, today I have a LEGO Torii to share.  A torii is a traditional Japanese gate most often seen outside of shrines.  Like stone lanterns, I find torii to be a pleasant piece of Japanese architecture and fun to recreate with LEGO bricks!  Also like stone lanterns, each part of their construction has a name.  I did my best to represent each named component in my model.

At 93 pieces it’s certainly not my most complicated model.  However, I do think it’s my most accurate representation so far of something in real life that I’ve built a model of.

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Stone Lantern

Stone Lantern - 01 - Overview The Stone Lantern is a traditional piece of Japanese architecture, and thousands of them exist throughout the islands of Japan.  They come in an extensive variety of shapes and sizes.  Each kind of lantern has a name, and each part of their construction has a name.  Originally a symbol of Buddhism, some have lit the way for travelers for over two thousand years.

I’m no expert on them.  If you’d like to know more a quick internet search should be able to tell you far more than I can.  I simply admire them, so I made one out of LEGO bricks.

My simplest build so far, it amounts to only five pieces.

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Small Shuttle Spaceship

Small Shuttle Spaceship - 01 - OverviewExploring the vast unknown regions of LEGO space are two brave and intrepid explorers, a man and his faithful dog!  In their zippy little spaceship they cruise around galaxies in style, turning the space-heads of anyone they come across.

At 336 pieces this spacecraft may seem small, but it’s surprisingly full of features.  At one time it had even more room for cargo, but that changed when one day a LEGO space explorer decided to install a second seat so he could bring his dog with him!  His canine companion may not be able to stick her head out the window, but she loves the ride all the same, as it means she’s on her way to explore new planets and smell new space-smells.
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Space Seat

Space Seat - OverviewToday I have a little Space Seat to share.  11 pieces large, it’s the perfect chair in which to comfortably weather the harsh nothingness of space.  It can be used for other sitting applications as well, such as a desk chair.  When using it outside of spacecraft I’d want to give it arm rests.

The reason the seat has no arm rests now is because I built it to be used in spaceships, where I would have controls for my crew to rest their arms on instead.  I didn’t include any controls on this one as they’d be different from seat to seat, depending on what the sitter’s duties are.

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