Fire Scouter

Fire Scouter - OverviewHere’s a little vehicle I like to call a Fire Scouter!  The idea behind it is that the Fire Chief or another veteran firefighter takes this vehicle to the site of a fire, getting there faster than the trucks.  The Chief can then assess the situation and determine things before the rest of the crew gets there, like where the trucks should position themselves, what kind of tactics they should use, and anything they need to prioritize such as people that might be in danger.

Coming in at 124 pieces, this zippy little buggy was born of my desire to use in conjunction Part 18974, a unique mudguard/wheel well piece, and Part 74321, a wheel axle piece with springs.  Part 74321 comes only in red, and the idea to use them on a firefighting vehicle came to me right away.

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Fire Hydrant

01-fire-hydrant-overviewAnother Tiny Build coming in at a humble 13 pieces, I present to you a fire hydrant.  I’ve never been happy with the fire hydrants I’ve seen in LEGO sets, so I was inspired to come up with my own.

The build is centered around Part 4733, a 1×1 brick with studs on all four sides.  It seemed like the obvious choice for something with all those outlet fixtures sticking out. The 4733 part in my build is red, which I was lucky to have a few of.  Apparently there’s not a lot of red ones around, so if you’d like to build this yourself but don’t have 4733 in red I think a dark bluish gray one works just as well.  You see almost none of it anyway, only in the little gap above the lower 2×2 round tile with hole.

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bookcase-01-overviewThe first “Small Build” on the website, a classy-looking bookcase!  The bookcase alone is 80 pieces, with another 20 for the books and another 4 for the helmets and swords, totaling 104 pieces including the accessories.  The bookcase was built around eight of the LEGO window Part 60594 when I realized five books fit across one pretty much perfectly.

As you’ll come to find out by browsing the website, I’m an avid user of curved slope pieces.  I like the shape of the curved top corners, thanks to them and the arch pieces.  The arch pieces also look like they’d frame something between two of these bookcases quite nicely, perhaps a suit of armor.

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Crystal Ball Stand

Crystal Ball Stand - OverviewFor my first “Tiny Build” I present a Crystal Ball Stand!

This Crystal Ball Stand is a big seller among wizards.  It’s the ideal household appliance for looking through time, space, and everything in between.

I built this little stand for LEGO crystal balls because I was never happy just setting the crystal ball on a table and leaving it at that.  A crystal ball is too important a tool for wizards and the like to not merit it’s own place of prominence.

I mention on my schedule page that every Friday I plan on showcasing something related to what I’ll post the following Monday, and this is no exception.  What will it be?!

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Fancy Car

Fancy Car - OverviewFor my first post I wanted to showcase something I’m especially proud of, and this “Fancy Car” seemed appropriate.  I designed and built this a couple years ago, and every once in a while I see it on my shelf and think that it came together really well.

The seating area is LEGO Part 30149, which has been one of my favorite pieces since I got one in “Scorpion Tracker” (LEGO Set 5918).  Despite the fact that it’s a piece that does a lot of the building work for you, which I generally shy away from, it worked really well here.  I don’t get doors that open using the piece which is contradictory to form following function, a policy I heartily agree with, but in this case it didn’t bother me.  Besides, with a car this awesome you don’t have time to open the doors, you just jump right in!

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